Estimators at Down to Earth use SiteRecon to estimate 25X faster

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Shannon Marques

Senior Estimator,
Down to Earth Landscape and Irrigation

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David Quiles,

Down to Earth Landscape and Irrigation

Currently Serving More Than 500 users on 200,000+ Sites

The Proof is in the Pudding
Our numbers speak for themselves
Closing rate increases from 10% to 20%
Maintenance bids optimized by up to $150,000
Saved 1200 hours of sales time in 3 months

Shannon automates takeoffs to boost her productivity 25X


High expectations

Was an experienced estimator and had a lot on her plate.



Due to this, she had to work 80-hour weeks to meet her targets.



Majority of her time was spent measuring sites by hand on Google Earth.


Not getting the desired result

She often had to resort to shortcuts to meet tight deadlines which affected the accuracy of her estimates.



Then Down to Earth Landscape and Irrigation adopted SiteRecon to make Shannon’s job easier.



Now, Shannon is knocking out 50 estimates a week. Earlier, she could only do 2. This has been made possible by automating the measurements. She spends most of her time now doing what she’s great at - building estimates.

She says that SiteRecon has not only made her days better but has made her life easier.


Should you consider SiteRecon?

Shannon’s 2 cents for the green industry

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David automates takeoffs to shorten the learning curve and advance in his career


trouble ramping up

Was new to the landscaping industry and needed to learn things quickly but he couldn’t.



He was buried neck deep in measuring properties on Google Earth.



Sometimes it would take him two full 8 hour shifts to measure big properties.


siterecon adoption

Then Down to Earth Landscape and Irrigation adopted SiteRecon to make David’s job easier.


saving time with automation

Now, it takes David 10 minutes to set up sites for measurements on SiteRecon and he gets the measurements delivered to him the next day. Meanwhile, David has time to learn about the business and grow as an individual.

At the time of collecting the case study, David was a Junior Estimator. He has now evolved into a Business Developer.


it keeps getting better

David preaches SiteRecon to everyone now.

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Save more time and focus it on high value activities

Don't work 80 hour weeks measuring sites

Produce more output without burning yourself out

SiteRecon in Action
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