Multi-site RFPs

Measure properties in bulk, superfast

Ran into multi-million dollar RFPs and need to revert within a few days? Let SiteRecon measure those sites for you while you focus on the more important stuff.

Currently Serving More Than 500 users on 200,000+ Sites

How it works

Upload the list of properties

Create a list of all the properties you want to map and upload it on the SiteRecon web app. You can also share a zipcode with us and we’ll map all the sites that fall under it.

Place order

Siterecon goes through your list, extracts property parcels from tax records and generates a quote. Approve cost and place order.

Sit back & relax

Takeoffs are generated using AI mapping techniques on high resolution aerial imagery. This ensures speed & accuracy.


Kroger sites

Mapped in

12 days



Mapped in

11 days


Dollar General sites

Mapped in

7 days

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