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  • What is SiteRecon?

    SiteRecon is the ultimate sales solution for landscape and lawn care companies. We noticed that the industry was in great need of technological upgradation.

    Therefore, we created a tool that automates property measurements for landscape and lawn care companies. After the successful deployment of our tool, we helped landscapers achieve never-seen-before progress.

    Now, we offer a whole range of sales solutions for the landscapers, including: Automated Takeoffs, Instant Measurement (Measures properties under 5 acres in 30 seconds), Hyper-personalized mailers, Mobile Field Diary, Automated Hiring Funnel, and Production Rate Optimization.

  • How do I know that SiteRecon sales solutions will work for me?

    All our customers have loved our solutions and they have been able to scale rapidly by deploying them. Our plethora of case studies stand testament to that. We are innovators at heart, currently working on the bleeding edge of technological revolution in the green industry and we settle for nothing less than excellent results.

  • Which robots can I scope out using the platform?

    All major commercial robotic mowers - Scythe, Electric Sheep, Greenzie - and residential mowers (Husqvarna)

  • Do you guys bundle solutions together - if I need both sales and operations products this year?

    Yes all solutions can be bundled together - you can choose one or multiple solutions to deploy together.

  • Does the platform integrate with other software solutions?

    Yes, Siterecon has open APIs and active development support for teams that work across software platforms in sales and operations. We have developed custom integrations for our users.

  • Is the mobile app charged per user?

    The first 200 notes are for free. After that the monthly subscription for the app is $20/user, which grants you the ability to create unlimited notes.

  • I have only 2 weeks to go before we print mailers. How many sites can we map in that time frame?

    You can map ~15,000 in 2 weeks.

  • What is next in instant measurements?

    By mid-summer this year - new property features will be added to it - beds, driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and so on. It will start working on sites bigger than 5 acres.

  • How does SiteRecon handle a property covered by trees?

    SiteRecon combines different sources of imagery to get the most complete picture of the site -

    • Leaf-off imagery collected during winters to see through tree canopies
    • Street imagery to get a view from ground

    The above sources are combined with the latest high resolution aerial imagery of the site to extract measurements.

  • Can SiteRecon measure a property that was recently constructed?

    Yes. SiteRecon access the best-in-class aerial imagery from Nearmap to extract measurements. Nearmap imagery is collected over 700 cities within the last 1-9 months. The collection frequency depends on how big your city is. The bigger the city, higher the collection frequency.

  • Can SitRecon measure hundreds of properties in one go?

    Yes. It is possible to place bulk orders on SiteRecon. This how it works -

    • Upload an excel containing the list of addresses and the measurements needed.
    • Review if the right location and property outline was picked up for the address.
    • Click on 'Get measurements'
    • Properties are mapped at a rate of few dozen per day and the support team follows up to ensure that the data is reviewed and approved.
  • Is there a restriction on the type of properties that SiteRecon can measure?

    No. SiteRecon supports measurements for -

    • Residential properties
    • Commercial properties
    • HOAs - common areas, private areas
    • Municipal right-of-ways
    • Sub-parts of larger properties
    • Properties outside cities in continental US - in Alaska, Hawaii, Samoa, Canada, Venezuela and Antarctica.
  • How do I take the measurements to the field for site visits?

    You can open SiteRecon app on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets/iPads. As long as you have an internet connection and a mobile in the field, you can access the maps.

  • How do I share the data with my team and customers?

    SiteRecon enables you to share maps with accounts added to your organization's workspace. Everyone added to the workspace can view the maps and measurements

    For people outside the team, you can share a map just like sharing a YouTube video - using a web page link.

  • Who uses the platform? What is their use case?

    The most common users of the platform are -

    • Business developers - ordering measurements while working on opportunities
    • Estimators - offloading measurement tasks on the platform
    • Operations managers - verifying the maps and measurements through site visits
    • Admin and support staff - helping leadership of their companies execute bulk orders on the platform when they decide to move to a business management software like Aspire.
    • Account Managers
    • Crew
  • What does the onboarding process look like?

    Once you decide to subscribe, there are five steps to go through -

    • Signing data license agreement
    • Paying for platform subscription
    • Signing up on the platform
    • Completing the 1-hour training call with SiteRecon team
    • Ordering first property to measure
  • Our company doesn't have a lot of volume of property measurements. Will we benefit from it?

    Even if you have 50 properties to measure every year, those are 50 opportunities to have smarter pre-bid conversation with prospects, qualify leads faster, increase closing rates and optimally allocate sales reps’ time that you will miss out on if you continue with the old way of measuring properties.

  • I can't afford it since I've already bought the annual subscription of another property measurement tool.

    You have only paid for the software subscription. You haven’t paid the real cost of using it - the cost of time invested into measuring properties and the missed opportunity to have smarter pre-bid conversation with prospects, qualify leads faster, increase closing rates and optimally allocate sales reps’ time that you will miss out on if you continue with the old way of measuring properties.

  • What is the ROI?

    We help you discover the ROI (return on investment) on our demo call.

    You can also see the ROI on the Greenscape and Mainscape Case Studies page.


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