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What is SiteRecon?

SiteRecon is an end-to-end, fully automated property measurement solution.

It is an online platform that measures the properties for you. You have the option to measure properties on your own or get them measured by the software.

It has a button - 'Get Measurements' - that creates orders to generate property measurements.

All you need to do is input the address, select the features to measure and press that button - SiteRecon pulls the property outline and high resolution aerial imagery; measures the property, checks for quality and delivers the data.

Result - fully automated property measurements. 

How does SiteRecon automate property measurements?

SiteRecon delivers the following assets at the click-of-a-button

aerial image

Latest high definition aerial image 

Measurements Data

Total measurements in an excel

Property Map Aerial

A map of all the features measured

What can I measure with SiteRecon?

You can measure standard features such as surface area of turf, beds, sidewalks, parking lots; length of soft edges and hard edges; count of trees and palm trees.

  1. This is the list of 23 property features you can measure on SiteRecon -
  2. Higher-order features such as surface area of shrubs, slop of turf and height of trees are measured on request.

How accurate is it?

  1. Map outlines are accurate within 7 cms of their actual position on the ground. Measurement numbers are extracted using these map outlines.
  2. You can get similar accuracy from a property survey is someone moves the measuring wheel exactly along the boundary of the parking lot on the property. And then repeat the exercise of turf, beds and all other features that you measure

SiteRecon users have verified the measurements through site visits and you can see their testimonial in the case study videos.

How does SiteRecon handle a property covered by trees?

SiteRecon combines different sources of imagery to get the most complete picture of the site -

  1. Leaf-off imagery collected during winters to see through tree canopies
  2. Street imagery to get a view from ground

The above sources are combined with the latest high resolution aerial imagery of the site to extract measurements.

Can SiteRecon measure a property that was recently constructed?

Yes. SiteRecon access the best-in-class aerial imagery from Nearmap to extract measurements. Nearmap imagery is collected over 370 cities within the last 4-9 months. The collection frequency depends on how big your city is.

Can SiteRecon measure hundreds of properties in one-go?

Yes. It is possible to place bulk orders on SiteRecon. This how it works -

  1. Upload an excel containing the list of addresses and the measurements needed.
  2. Review if the right location and property outline was picked up for the address.
  3. Click on 'Get measurements'.
  4. Properties are mapped at a rate of few dozen per day and the support team follows up to ensure that the data is reviewed and approved.

What is the smallest and largest property that SiteRecon can measure?

Smallest - You can measure turf and beds on a roundabout or a divider.

Biggest - You can measure a military housing complex over 2000 acres.

Is there a restriction on the type of property that SiteRecon measures?

No. SiteRecon supports measurements for -

  1. Residential properties
  2. Commercial properties
  3. HOAs - common areas, private areas
  4. Municipal right-of-ways
  5. Sub-parts of larger properties
  6. Properties outside cities in continental US - in Alaska, Hawaii, Samoa, Canada, Venezuela and Antarctica.

What if I need to measure an HOA - how do I define the areas to measure and the areas to exclude?

There are a couple of ways in which you can do it -

  1. If the distinction is straightforward - you need to measure the open areas and not the fenced-in backyards - you can simply type in this comment when creating the order.
  2. Instead of creating a single order for the entire HOA, break it down into smaller parts where you actually need the measurements.
  3. If you don't feel like splitting the property in smaller parts, you can markup/annotate on a snapshot of the property form the platform to define what needs to be included and what needs to be excluded
  4. Reach out to customer support and get help with creating the order.

What if I need to measure only along the right-of-way of public roads?

Draw the extent of the right-of-way on the platform and order measurements as usual. To be doubly sure, type in a comment to explain what you need.

What if I visit a site and find the property recently underwent some change? How do I make sure measurements are up to date?

If the measurements need to be updated as per what you see on site - just take a snapshot of the changes you see, type in a comment to explain the update needed and upload the feedback. The data is updated within a few hours.

Or you can make the changes yourself using the editing tools.

How do I take the measurements to the field for site visits?

You can open SiteRecon app on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets/iPads. As long as you have an internet connection and a mobile in the field, you can access the maps.

How do I share the data with my team and customers?

SiteRecon enables you to share maps with accounts added to your organization's workspace. Everyone added to the workspace can view the maps and measurements

For people outside the team, you can share a map just like sharing a YouTube video - using a web page link.

Who are the most common users of the platform? What is their use case?

The most common users of the platform are -

  1. Business developers - ordering measurements while working on opportunities
  2. Estimators - offloading measurement tasks on the platform
  3. Operations managers - verifying the maps and measurements through site visits
  4. Admin and support staff - helping leadership of their companies execute bulk orders on the platform when they decide to move to a business management software like Aspire.

Does SiteRecon offer customer support?

Yes. There are three ways to access that -

  1. For a order that has already been created, you can get support through the feedback panel on the order page
  2. For credit and subscription related queries, you can get support from the help menu
  3. For other queries -
  4. On call - we answer calls between 8 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time

Can I request updates to SiteRecon?

SiteRecon is your go-to-person for getting measurements done and it's gotta do what you want from it, right?

We release platform updates every month and if your request improves the workflow for everyone using the platform, you will see it go live on the platform very soon.

What does the onboarding process looks like?

Once you decide to subscribe, there are five steps to go through -

  1. Signing data license agreement
  2. Paying for platform subscription
  3. Signing up on the platform
  4. Completing the 1-hour training call with SiteRecon team
  5. Ordering first property to measure

How do you charge for measurements?

You will be charged for the measurements you order. Cost is calculated based on -

  1. The size of the property - We break down properties into blocks of 10 acres to calculate pricing
  2. The number of measurements ordered - Turf, beds, hard edge, tree count, parking lot - all of these are features counted to calculate cost

What can I measure with SiteRecon

  1. This is the list of property features you can measure on SiteRecon -
  2. Higher-order features such as surface area of shrubs, slop of turf and height of trees are measured on request.

What will the delivery time look like?

  1. Depends on the size of the property, the number of features to be measured and the volume of order traffic.
  2. In case the system is not swamped with measurements, you can expect to get back the measurements within 5 hours for a 10 acre property with turf, beds, trees, sidewalks and parking lot measurements

Can I order measurements that are not available on the platform right now?

Yes. For instance,

  1. You can get additional attributes on top of the existing layers in the property data. For example, you can request if the surface area of a parking lot is made of concrete or asphalt. 
  2. You can access new data points such as 3D insights -
  • slope of turf to figure out if it is safe to put a mower there
  • surface area of hedges in 3D to estimate pruning area
  • tree heights to estimate tree care operations better

Is this for me?

Yes, if you are a sales leader working for a commercial landscape contractor, looking to improve productivity of reps in the middle of the COVID slowdown, this is the next avenue of growth for you. Your reps haven’t been working to their potential due to inefficiencies in the sales funnel and that’s costing you money every month.

If you are moving to a business management software like Aspire, you can offload the measurement of all existing properties on SiteRecon and focus on other aspects of the migration.

Will this work?

It is already working for multiple top landscape companies that feature in the LM150 list every year. They are bidding more accurately, they are bidding on greater volume of properties and increasing their market reach by directly accessing property data.

Our company does not have a lot of volume of property measurements, will I benefit from it?

Even if you have 50 properties to measure every year, those are 50 opportunities to have smarter pre-bid conversation with prospects, qualify leads faster, increase closing rates and optimally allocate sales reps’ time that you will miss out on if you continue with the old way of measuring properties.

I can’t afford it since I have already bought the annual subscription of Go iLawn?

You have only paid for the platform subscription with Go iLawn. You haven’t paid the real cost of using it - the cost of time invested into measuring properties and the missed opportunity to have smarter pre-bid conversation with prospects, qualify leads faster, increase closing rates and optimally allocate sales reps’ time that you will miss out on if you continue with the old way of measuring properties.

Why should I trust SiteRecon?

  • You don’t HAVE TO to trust us, the trust comes from the data we deliver. The truth we speak is repeated by your peers, some of the best businesses in the industry.
  • You can book a call and meet us, no strings attached.
  • If you go to the home page of the website you will find properties measured by SiteRecon. You can evaluate if the data is accurate.
  • You can check us out on LinkedIn -

How do I get the data from SiteRecon?

  1. Set up a discovery call with us and work through the ROI assets. 
  2. Build an internal consensus on using property data 
  3. Purchase subscription 
  4. Sign up on the platform 
  5. Start ordering property data

Or, if you just want to test this out on one property - use sign up button on top left of this page and you will find the steps how you can order one property for free.

What does the pricing look like? How much is my subscription cost going to be?

That depends on the number of properties you measure and the number of features that you measure on every property. As a ballpark metric - you would be able to measure 60 properties of 10 acres each with six measurements per property (turf, beds, trees, parking lot, sidewalk, hard edge, soft edge) for $1000.

Is there any money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 45-day money-back guarantee on annual contracts.

What is the ROI?

We help you discover the ROI (return on investment) on our demo call.

You can see the ROI for Greenscape and Mainscape on the Case Studies page.

How do I justify the cost to my company?

Setup a demo call with us so that we understand what your boss is typically looking for. We will discuss the ROI and other benefits on call that you use to justify the cost to your boss.

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