Priority Landscape automates property measurements

Source of measurements before SiteRecon - Paid online property measurement software

The Proof is in the Pudding
Our numbers speak for themselves
Saved 6 months worth of a sales rep's salary
100% increase in closing rate
Faster, more accurate measurements improved customer service

SiteRecon helps us deliver excellent customer service

“Our biggest differentiator is customer service. So if we tell people we’re different, well, that’s fine; I’m sure everybody else does. But if we can show them that we’re different, we turn proposals around faster and that we make decisions on pricing based on data - we get data from you - then that’s a big differentiator there. That plays into our customer service because that’s our only differentiator.”

Accurate measurements help keep things simple

“They thought it was 30,000 feet of grass, well, actually it’s 50,000. Well, guess what, you’re upside down in your fertilizer application. This hurts not only from the managerial standpoint but from the labor standpoint and there goes your schedule, and then your manager’s pissed, and then you’re behind. I mean, it just steamrolls right. So if we can have some accurate production rates to go with the data that we’re given by SiteRecon then it’s a simple system."

Increased close rates and instilled confidence into the sales reps

“From a pricing standpoint it definitely helps us but I think it also instills some confidence into the sales reps knowing that they’re coming to the table with an estimate that’s accurate. So if the sales rep believes that what they’re selling is accurate and fair, then I think it’s easier for them to have that conversation when someone’s trying to beat them down on price or things like that because they understand what the costs are accurately.”

Saved 6 months worth of a sales rep's salary

“I bet it saves 6 months of somebody’s salary and from the sales standpoint we’re turning around faster too. I mean, it’s literally a no-brainer.”

SiteRecon maps are being used for more than just estimating

“It’s starting to play a bigger role in what’s going into the agreements. We’ve always been putting in the property maps and now the difference is that now the property maps are clear with the outlines from the property. So the maps are used (for more than just estimating) and they’re getting used more and more and more as we find new ways to use them."

Tyler and Rob discover the benefits of SiteRecon app

Rob and Tyler discover the SiteRecon app during the call learn about the myriad of benefits that it brings to the table.

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