Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Sell landscaping services, confidently

with takeoffs on autopilot

SiteRecon automates your measurement process, freeing up your time for high-value activities like prospecting and nurturing. Users typically report a 2X increase in close rate within the first few months of adoption.

Currently Serving More Than 500 users on 200,000+ Sites

Measure sites in 3 simple steps

Just 3 steps and you’re done.

Enter the property address

or outline your area of interest if you don’t have an address

Select what you want to measure

from a list of 24 landscape and hardscape features

Click on Get Measurements

and that’s it. Measurements delivered within a few hours for a commercial site

Case Studies

Mainscape increases closing rates from 10% to 20%

"Now we're able to widen out the bottom part of that funnel and have a better close rate. We're also putting better, more qualified leads in the top of the funnel. And frankly, seeing our close rate increase that 20 to 25%."

- Nate Hyde, VP Sales, Mainscape

Greenscape makes an extra $100,000 per Business Developer in 2021

"When you take the measurement out, we've seen sales, people's productivity go way up, because they are able to focus on that higher value activities."

-Danial Currin, CEO, Greenscape

Speeded up the process of generating maintenance proposals

"It allows us to spend more time focused on the client and, and figuring out what the client needs, rather than focusing on measuring property."

-Michael Mayberry, CTO, Level Green Landscaping