Sell confidently with AI takeoffs

Help your sales guys deliver their best by removing the administrative burden of measuring sites by hand. Utilize fast and accurate AI measurements to justify your estimates to the prospect, stand out from the competition, and close 2X more.

Sell more with the best landscape takeoff software

Use AI maps to generate estimates that are accurate and justifiable and earn your prospect’s trust. Negotiate pricing confidently and always know what your exact margins are going to be on a job.

SiteRecon creates AI maps for all sorts of landscaping businesses.

Wow prospects with their site’s map

Document job site conditions and scope of service on the map using SiteRecon’s Plato app. Share this map-based proposal with your prospect to sweep them off their feet. Rockaway Inc. uses this to beat competition 50X its size in the Jacksonville, FL market.

Landscapers benefiting from automation

Mainscape increases closing rates from 10% to 20%

"Now we're able to widen out the bottom part of that funnel and have a better close rate. We're also putting better, more qualified leads in the top of the funnel. And frankly, seeing our close rate increase that 20 to 25%."

- Nate Hyde, VP Sales, Mainscape

Greenscape makes an extra $100,000 per Business Developer in 2021

"When you take the measurement out, we've seen sales, people's productivity go way up, because they are able to focus on that higher value activities."

- Danial Currin, CEO, Greenscape