Document, Organize, and Communicate ON SITE MAPS

With SiteRecon's Plato app - your scribe in the field. Now featuring upgraded UI and features.


Service Instructions

Explain what is to be done and where!

Site Conditions

Document site conditions on the map

Safety Issues

Document safety issues to prevent accidents

Enhancement Requests

Mark up enhancement requests on the map


Job Ticketing

Assign tasks to the right guys in your team

Discussion Threads

Have detailed discussions with your team


Property Dashboard

View all your properties in one place

High-Definition Maps

Access takeoffs in the field seamlessly


Plato has got something for everyone in your company

Business Owners

Gain visibility into what's happening on all the sites at all times

Business Developers

Bid smartly by documenting site conditions on the map

Account Mangers

Create insightful site audit reports in seconds with geo-tagged notes

Operations Managers

Document site conditions and flag service issues on the maps


Always know what is to be done and where and do their job better


Got Questions?

  • Is the mobile app charged per user?

    The first 200 notes are for free. After that the monthly subscription for the app is $20/user, which grants you the ability to create unlimited notes.

  • Who can use the app?

    The app is designed to help Business Developers, Account Managers, Operations Managers take notes during site walks.

    The crew can use the app to take notes when they are on site to document safety issues, state of the property before and after the service, flag maintenance activities that are taking up time but may not be billed.

  • How do I share the notes with my team and customers?

    The team has access to the notes through their dashboard.

    Customers can review the notes on shareable links - works pretty much like sharing a Google Doc or Spreadsheet through a link.

  • What type of media can be attached to the notes?

    You can upload pictures & videos taken on site - as many as you want.

    Functionality to upload PDFs and audio notes will be added soon.

  • How do I keep track of all the notes being taken across the sites?

    On the web app, you will see all the sites as separate channels and you can check out the notes taken across your book of business on a real-time basis. It's possible to limit access of people to certain sites so that they can add notes and communicate with other people added to those channels.


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