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How will the app change your life?


You'll never have to experience a "Did I make a note of that?" scenario.

Operations team will have precise knowledge regarding the scope of work.

You wouldn't have to face angry customers because of delayed work.

You'll be able to keep track of the proceedings on all your properties

Crew doesn't waste time on the site figuring out where to do the work

Since all conversations are easily trackable, it improves accountability as well


Here's what a typical site assessment report looks like

By having your maintenance items in the list format, without any real idea as to where those features are located exactly on the property, you'll have a tough time helping the customer understand precisely which areas of their property need servicing. Consequently, the customer will find it hard to trust you - especially if they've had a bad experience with a landscaping firm before.

Moreover, you'll have a tough time explaining to your crew where these items are located on the property. So when they arrive on the property to service it, they'll be acting on their intuition rather than concrete instructions.

AM: "Behind the third tree on the left, there is an overgrown shrubbery."

Crew: "What? Where?"

You get the idea.


What changes with the SiteRecon iOS app?

There's no learning curve. It's a walk in the park.


Create geo-tagged notes

You can pick a location anywhere on the map and click to add a note. That note will be pinned to that specific location so everyone (customer and crew) will know what is to be serviced and to what extent.


Add attachments

Feel free to add images, videos, links, and other attachments to your notes. This will give your customers and crew a clearer insight into the current state of certain items on the property and the scope of service.


Have discussions

Every note has a discussion thread to facilitate easy communication. Every job can have its own discussion thread so that you don't lose track of what is to be done and where!


Take notes during site visits

Walk the site with the customer and take notes of the scope to create stunning proposals. Instead of sending your customers a PDF file in the list format, you can send them interactive maps where they can check out what you plan to do with their property.


Usage instructions

1. Register

Log on to and register yourself for free.

2. Create free orders

Add the properties in your portfolio to SiteRecon database - for free

3. Login

Fire up your SiteRecon iOS app, login with your credentials and start communicating smartly


Tutorial to get you started


Got Questions?

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  • Is the mobile app charged per user?

    No, the mobile app is free. You can take as many notes you want, roll it out across your entire team - the app will still be free.

  • Who can use the app?

    The app is designed to help Business Developers, Account Managers, Operations Managers take notes during site walks.

    The crew can use the app to take notes when they are on site to document safety issues, state of the property before and after the service, flag maintenance activities that are taking up time but may not be billed.

  • How do I share the notes with my team and customers?

    The team has access to the notes through their dashboard.

    Customers can review the notes on shareable links - works pretty much like sharing a Google Doc or Spreadsheet through a link.

  • What type of media can be attached to the notes?

    You can upload pictures & videos taken on site - as many as you want.

    Functionality to upload PDFs and audio notes will be added soon.

  • How do I keep track of all the notes being taken across the sites?

    On the web app, you will see all the sites as separate channels and you can check out the notes taken across your book of business on a real-time basis. It's possible to limit access of people to certain sites so that they can add notes and communicate with other people added to those channels.


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