Nice to meet you!

So here's the story of who we are

Why we do What we do

It's not just about business

We love to build technology that helps the best guys in the world

We had been automating the mapping of cities, countries and continents using A.I. - working for city governments and big corporations.

But when we got in touch with folks from the green industry, we were touched by their earthy humility and the positivity of spirit.

Automating activities that take time and calories from our homies in the green industry is our way of saying we love you.

We love the outdoors

The yellow sun and the blue sky work their magic better than coffee does.

How could we do something that makes the outdoors more beautiful?

Answer - Work with guys who are pros at doing just that!

We love the good green stuff

Our eyes feel more at home when looking at a tree than when they are looking at a computer screen or a wall of concrete.

You know what we mean, right? We bet you do!

And so the green industry had this allure for us that we couldn't deny.

Our mission

"Mapping properties should be easier than ordering pizza"

Because you have better things to do with your time - sales, ops, scaling your business or spending time with your family

Our Vision

We were on Robert Clickenbeard's Commercial Landscaper Podcast

to share how we want to contribute to the industry

Our Team

We are a team of geospatial engineers, cartographers and data scientists


Utkarsh Sharma

Founder and CEO

Prabhat Kumar

Prabhat Kumar

Chief Product Officer

Nishant Nikhil

Nishant Nikhil

Chief Data Scientist

We would love to get this website out of the way and meet you

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