Mapping properties should be easier than ordering pizza!

That's Our Mission


Every changemaker has their origin story.

Here's ours!


Why we do what we do?


We're innovators at heart

We had been automating the mapping of cities, countries and continents using A.I. So we were working on technologies that facilitated aerial measurements.

When we got in touch with folks from the green industry, we noticed that one thing that they all hated unanimously was measuring properties.

Hence, we decided to build a platform that would automate the mundane process and save our homies time, effort, and money.


Because life should be easy

We know you have better things to do with your time - sales, ops, scaling your business or spending time with your family.

If something as mundane as measuring properties can be easily automated, then why not do it?


Because we love the outdoors

The yellow sun and the blue sky work their magic better than coffee does.

How could we do something that makes the outdoors more beautiful?

Answer - Work with guys who are pros at doing just that!


How we're giving back to the green industry

In the short span of our existence, the industry has given us more love and support than we could've ever imaged. So we can't help but do something in return for our homies!


Sales funnel automation master class

We addressed the landscapers at the Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference and explained to them how they can scale their business fast (get more prospects, measure properties faster, put more customers in the funnel, etc.) with the help of the automated sales funnel.

We have implemented the funnel ourselves and it has helped us built a pipeline of $1,000,000 within a year. Perhaps, we can help you achieve your targets as well.


Ed Laflamme of The Harvest Group talks about SiteRecon

Harvester Ed Laflamme of The Harvest Group talks about SiteRecon while reviewing the latest products and services disrupting the landscaping industry.


Robert Clickenbeard's Commercial Landscaper Podcast

We were on Robert Clickenbeard's Commercial Landscaper Podcast to share our vision for the green industry.


The Team

We are a team of innovative geospatial engineers, data scientists, and growth consultants.

Utkarsh Sharma

Founder & CEO

Prabhat Kumar

Chief Product Officer

Nishant Nikhil

Chief Data Scientist


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