Greenscape automates property measurements

Source of measurements before SiteRecon - Paid online property measurement software

The Proof is in the Pudding
Our numbers speak for themselves
Freed up 300 hours of sales time in 2 months
Putting more sales through the funnel
65X Return on Investment

Speed of sales has increased greatly

So I think sales guys have kind of made it work as an opportunity pops up, you know, at the worst case, by the end of the day, they're entering in their new opportunities into your tool, and then they can go home. And by the time they get back in the morning, they've got an email with all the data from your tool, and then they're able to kind of move forward in the sales process.

Context - Daniel is talking about the benefits of using SiteRecon over the Go iLawn®+Estimator combination

Speed is starting to increase our closing rates

"And so the sales guys are seeing when they can get back to the customer faster, they can keep the customer engaged, and keeping the customer engaged is starting to increase their closing rates and things like that. So that's been, that's been really helpful."

Context - Before SiteRecon, properties were measured only on Go iLawn® and someone had to allocate measurement time in their calendar. It could be week or two weeks before estimates were done.

We're putting more sales through the funnel

"Now we're going into every project knowing where our costs are, that we can execute those, we've got really good confidence in the measurements now that we're using from the tool."

Context - Having started his career as a business developer selling landscape maintenance, Daniel knows reps follow the path of least resistance (read measurements) to generate more sales and this affect profitability of operations

We are asking good questions and connecting with prospects early in the process

"So we're coming in meeting with the customer, knowing least up a range that we think that project would cost. And so we're having a much more intelligent conversation with that customer from day one."

Context - Compared to before, the quality of pre-bid conversations and site walks has changed as sales guys can talk numbers

65x return on investment, sales per BD increase by $100,000/yr

"When you take the measurement out, we've seen sales, people's productivity go way up, because they are able to focus on that higher value activities."

Context - Daniel explains why sales reps should not measure properties.

Daniel's 2 cents for green industry

"So my competitors, I would tell them to like turn this thing off and look away and don't don't worry about it. But my peers, the ones I love out there and have known for a long time, you know, I would say, you've got to take a hard look at this, if it fits in the sales process, it fits in what you need to be doing as a business to grow in scale.

Something like this will work for a long time to come, as you scale and grow, versus just a tool that you need to like, kind of repeat, repeat, repeat."

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