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How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

April 16, 2024


Shivang Shukla
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How to measure customer satisfaction

1️⃣ Send survey forms: Send out survey forms asking your clients to rate you on different parameters. You can use email marketing tools like Mailmodo for high response CSAT and NPS surveys. They’re not sponsoring me or anything, I just like that tool.

2️⃣ Active social media monitoring: Make sure you’re active on different social media accounts. It will give you an idea of what your customers are thinking about you.

I get so many replies when this newsletter goes out. Many of them are guys simply asking something about the product that has nothing to do with the topic of the newsletter. But that’s great too!

You cannot force your customers to talk to you on a specific channel. Be available everywhere, so they can talk to you on the channels they are comfortable with. Some would prefer talking on social media, some would like to do calls, some would prefer meeting in person. If you’re making sure you’re available everywhere, you’ll inevitably run into their feedback - which is what you’re looking for.

3️⃣ Monitor churn: Take a look at the accounts that churned with whatever data you have on your hands right now. Try to identify the telltale signs of when an account is likely to churn so you can be proactive and prevent that from happening.

Look, some accounts just wouldn’t be a right fit and they’ll churn eventually so there’s no point dwelling on those. Look for accounts that churned because you messed up.

4️⃣ Review, optimize, repeat: Once you start measuring your customer satisfaction metrics, you’ll know which areas you can improve on.

So the process would look something like this:

Collect feedback => Analyze => Make optimizations => Repeat

How to improve customer satisfaction

1️⃣ Communicate better: I know I’ve said it before but Property Managers like being kept in the loop about things. Create an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for keeping the PMs updated about the work progress on the job site. Account Managers from companies like Level Green Landscaping, Rockaway Inc., Mulhall’s, Greenscape, etc. have been able to do so with SiteRecon’s mobile app.

It lets you document site conditions on the map. You can then export what you’ve documented in the form of pdf reports with one click and share those reports with the clients daily or biweekly or weekly depending on your client’s needs.

2️⃣ Establish that you’re a customer-first company from the get-go: Show, don’t tell. When you send in a proposal, send a SiteRecon site inspection report along with it. It will set the precedent on how you’ll communicate with the client once you onboard them.

3️⃣ Justify your pricing: In the back of their head, the customer will almost always wonder if you’re overcharging. I’ve heard so much about this from Facility Managers while I was attending Connex 2022.

In a nutshell, ditch guesstimates and go for scientific estimates. Measure every square feet of the property accurately before you calculate your estimates. If you want fast, accurate takeoffs, SiteRecon can help.

When the PM sees that you’ve mapped their entire site tightly and based your estimate on the accuracy of your measurements, any doubts they may have about you overcharging them will be nipped in the bud.

One of our customers in Seattle actually won a $1,000,000 dollar HoA contract despite bidding 10% higher than the competition simply because they were able to justify their pricing.

Woah, we went through a lot of big items here. If you’re finding it difficult to get started, feel free to write to me at Utkarsh Sharma. I’ll try to find some time to point you in the right direction.

Alright, that's it for today. I'll see you here next week. Until then, Cheers!

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