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Level Green Landscaping automates property measurements

Source of measurements before SiteRecon - Paid online property measurement software

The Proof is in the Pudding
Our numbers speak for themselves
Producing more bids in the same time
Saved 250 hours in one month during peak sales season
Time to estimate went down from  5-10 days to 2-3 days

Eliminated friction in sales process

"The amount of time that it would take for a person to work through these bids was a very long time and sometimes we need to turn bids around quickly so that we have a very short window to get this done.

Nothing else can be done in terms of creating this proposal until the property measuring is done. So it was taking us a very long time to do that and causing some friction within the company as we tried to move through the process."

Context - All sales teams like to move fast but manual measurements was slowing down the response times and the agility.

Measurements happen faster than we can do it in-house

"The biggest benefit to this platform is kind of twofold - it happened faster than we could do it in-house and the benefit is not just the savings of time of one person, but the fact that we can also redirect that person on to something else."

Context - Before SiteRecon, properties were measured on Go iLawn® and someone had to allocate measurement time in their calendar

We don't need somebody clicking around the map now

"We do not need to have somebody spend their time going through a map and clicking around a map, we can just get a good outline of the property and put the features that we want. And a few hours later, we get the results that we need."

Context - Manager Trainees were responsible for measurements before SiteRecon, now they can focus on training and learning.

Do a better production review and spend more time focused on the prospect

"The ability to compress the amount of time in the beginning of the bid process is huge for us, because it allows us to do a better production review. And it allows us to spend more time focused on the client and, and figuring out what the client needs, rather than focusing on measuring property."

Context - Time to estimate went down from 5-10 days to 2-3 days after adoption of SiteRecon, enabling sales team to qualify leads faster and have smarter conversations with

Produce more bids in the same time

"If it was taking us 30 hours To produce a bid before, and we're now doing that in 10 hours, that means we can do three bids in the same amount of time that we used to be able to do one bid. So that allows us to bid more work. And it also allows us to focus more time with the customer."

Context - The time investment of business developers, account managers and manager trainees in the bid process reduces due to measurement automation and smoother collaboration.

We are giving time back to people that they did not have in previous sales seasons

"Across the board, it's been excellent. The common thread across all of these different positions in our company is that we are saving time, and we are giving time back to people that they would not have had in previous sales seasons."

Context - Multiple positions were involved in the measurement process - Business Developers (defining the scope), Manager Trainees (measuring on Go iLawn®), Account Managers (helping MTs with measurements), Operations Managers (visiting the site), Branch Managers (approving the estimates)

We need transparency and SiteRecon delivers

"They've also put the data in a place that makes it accessible and visible to everyone in our company, which is important. We need transparency in our company so that we can continue with our open communication. And SiteRecon delivers that to us."

Context - Transparency is critical as multiple roles at Level Green need to collaborate during the estimating and bidding process

Do checks at first..that's how we built confidence in the system

"I completely understand people's apprehension about moving to a system that there is very little human involvement. And what we did to overcome that was we did checks at first and we took the time to follow up with these measurements to make sure that they made sense and were accurate to where we expected them to be.

And once you do that, and you can prove, you know over 10 properties 15 properties 20 properties that these measurements are coming back where you expect them to be, I think that's how you build confidence in the system."

Context - Mike explains how he built trusted in an inanimate system that measures properties instead of humans

Mike's 2 cents for green industry

"If you are spending even a few hours a week during your sales season working on manually producing these bids, I would say really, really put some thought into giving that up and what else could that person be doing?"

And think about it from that perspective - is having somebody measure something on a screen or go out into the field and measure it with a wheel, is that really the best use of their time? Or is that just because it's how you've always done it".

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