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Measure properties faster and more accurately with SiteRecon - the best mapping software purpose-built for landscaping. Measure properties yourself, order takeoffs on demand, or leverage the power of AI to measure lawns and parking lots in just 30 seconds.

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Attentive Automeasure

Go iLawn

(now PropertyIntel)

DIY measurements

AI measurements in 30 seconds

High definition aerial imagery

Common area measurements for HoAs

Advanced property features (Lawn by mower type, by frequency, etc.)

Exclusive access to sales training

Resubmit takeoffs

24X7 customer support

Mobile app

Collaboration within teams

Customer communication tools

Quality audit templates

Job plans

Integration with green industry CRMs

We started out using their automated take-off software, which previously were tasks we were doing manually. This saved an incalculable amount of time and money for our management staff.
Marion Delano, Director of Technology and Marketing,
Level Green Landscaping
There were properties that would take me 8 days to measure completely. SiteRecon gets those kinds of properties measured in less than 24 hours. It has changed my life.
Shannon Marques, Senior Estimator,
Down to Earth Landscaping
With SiteRecon my estimating team has had a noticeable increase in efficiency and accuracy. This has helped increase throughput with less difficulty and has increased the quality of the output.
Johann Fiallo, Estimating Manager,
Down to Earth Landscapes
This app has changed the entire process of how we manage our commercial maintenance properties. Thanks to the SiteRecon team for always being willing to work together to solve problems.
John Williams, Account Manager,
Site recon is a great tool that is being used by our company to help us with the creation of more accurate estimates.
Bill Bumgardner, General Manager
Bumgardner Landscape
The first person out there with a proposal has a pretty good chance of closing and SiteRecon allows us to be that first person much more often.
Tim Johnson, President,
Tim Johnson Landscaping

The right choice for you

Measure properties in your sleep with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Take your mapping abilities to the next level with HD maps, DIY tools, on-demand takeoffs, and a mobile app for gathering property intelligence on the map

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Measure properties the way you want

Create takeoffs, irrigation maps, inventory maps, snow plans, path of motion maps, etc. quickly with SiteRecon's easy-to-use mapping toolkit.

Measure turf and parking lots in less than 30 seconds by harnessing the power of AI with SiteRecon Instant. Knock out quotes faster than your competition and win more deals

Measure large commercial sites (hundreds of acres) within a few hours. SiteRecon's expert cartographers run the measurements through 2 Quality Assessment cycles to ensure the desired accuracy.

Integrate SiteRecon with your CRM

We offer integration support for CRM or ERP software that you might be using internally. This means the data flows seamlessly from SiteRecon into your CRM

Take your maps to the field

Use the SiteRecon mobile app to access your maps in the field and gather property intelligence during site visits with geotagged notes and photos

A note being created on SiteRecon mobile app

Why switch to SiteRecon?

SiteRecon is more than just a measuring tool. It's a mapping solution built to help landscaping pros supercharge their sales.

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Complementary transfer of property measurements

We offer integration support for CRM or ERP softIf you decide to switch to SiteRecon, we'll migrate your measurements and maps so you do not lose your old data. This will completely be on the house and you wouldn't have to pay any extra fee for itware that you might be using internally. This means the data flows seamlessly from SiteRecon into your CRM

Dedicated relationship manager

You'll get a dedicated relationship manager who will guide you every step of the way and help you with implementing SiteRecon in your company.

Exclusive access to landscaping sales masterclass

Learn how to become a Million Dollar closer from the top sales coaches in the industry. Gain first access to all of SiteRecon's sales workshops for FREE.

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