Protect your snow removal business from liabilities

Date: 17th Nov'23

Time: 11:30 a.m. EST

If you run a snow removal business, you've faced challenges like slip & fall claims, damage claims, and payment disputes.

In this webinar, industry veterans Bryan Mours, Neal Glatt, and Utkarsh Sharma, will teach you how a well-crafted documentation SOP (pre-season and post-service) can help you avoid these liabilities.

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What will you learn?

Insight into what customers expect from their snow contractor and how to meet those expectations.

Ready to use templates for documenting the state of site pre-season and post-service to safeguard against slip & fall and damage claims.

Live demonstration of how to document site conditions quickly and effectively using templates.

How to plan snow removal operations for maximum efficiency and reduce chances of mishaps.

How to deliver exceptional customer service using time-tested proactive communication best practices.

Post-webinar training to help you implement the documentation SOP.










Utkarsh Sharma

CEO, SiteRecon

Founder & CEO of SiteRecon, the #1 property mapping software in the industry, Utkarsh has helped 350+ landscaping and snow removal companies 2X their close rates, streamline their operations, reduce their churn and develop better customer relationships by leveraging mapping technology.

Neal Glatt

Managing Partner, Snowfighters Institute

Neal is a management consultant, experienced sales professional, and Gallup Certified Coach with a demonstrated history of success in the snow removal industry. Heading Snowfighters Institute, Neal conducts educational and networking events for snow & ice management professionals.

Bryan Mours

Founder, Mours Enterprises LLC

Bryan has spent over 4 decades in the industry, helping landscaping and snow removal companies scale their teams and grow their businesses. Bryan knows the industry inside-out and is a recognized member of Beta Gamma Sigma. He has helped numerous businesses achieve their vision within record time.