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Chad Diller won with personalization.

"We even added signature lines and people approved without even talking to anyone."

- Chad Diller, VP, Landscape Leadership


How does it work?

1. Send us a list of addresses

Of houses in your priority neighborhoods - the areas you want to grow your presence in.

2. We measure the properties

And send you an excel sheet populated with the measurements and links to property maps

3. Verify each site

On interactive maps on our mapping and measuring platform


Guys who sold more than ever with SiteRecon


Increased close rates and instilled confidence into the sales reps

“From a pricing standpoint it definitely helps us but I think it also instills some confidence into the sales reps knowing that they’re coming to the table with an estimate that’s accurate."

Tyler Jabaay, President, Priority Landscape Maintenance


Increased close rate from 10% to 20%, sales per BD increase by $100,000/yr

"Now we're able to widen out the bottom part of that funnel and have a better close rate. We're also putting better, more qualified leads in the top of the funnel. And frankly, seeing our close rate increase that 20 to 25%."

Nate Hyde, Sales VP, Mainscape


Produce more bids in the same time

"If it was taking us 30 hours To produce a bid before, and we're now doing that in 10 hours, that means we can do three bids in the same amount of time that we used to be able to do one bid. So that allows us to bid more work. And it also allows us to focus more time with the customer."

Michael Mayberry, CTO, Level Green Landscaping



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  • How much does it cost?

    The cost ranges between 50 cents to 75 cents per site map. It varies based on the number of properties you want to map. If you're interested in the exact cost you can book a call with our experts.

  • How quickly can I put this into action?

    Immediately. Just book your call and we'll get things started. This can be a part of your spring rush marketing.

  • How accurate is it?

    • Map outlines are accurate within 7 cms of their actual position on the ground. Measurement numbers are extracted using these map outlines.
    • You can get similar accuracy from a property survey is someone moves the measuring wheel exactly along the boundary of the parking lot on the property. And then repeat the exercise of turf, beds and all other features that you measure

    SiteRecon users have verified the measurements through site visits and you can see their testimonial in the case study videos.

  • How do I take the measurements to the field for site visits?

    You can open SiteRecon's Plato app on mobile devices - smartphones and tablets/iPads. As long as you have an internet connection and a mobile in the field, you can access the maps.


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