Sell landscaping services, confidently

Stop losing deals to your competition. Learn how to build relationships and drive conversations with prospects that lead to closures and crush your sales goals.

In this value-packed, 12-week long masterclass, you'll learn the sales secrets from top coaches in the industry. Plus, you'll gain 3 month free access to SiteRecon's estimating and site auditing tools that landscaping pros have used SiteRecon to 2X their close rate and beat the bigger fish in their market.

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Features of the masterclass

Duration - 11 weeks

Weekly video lectures on key landscaping sales topics
Interactive Q&A sessions with top sales coaches from the industry
Orientation session on January 12th, 2023, to kickstart the masterclass journey

Topics we'll be covering

Mindset Mastery

Cultivate a resilient and customer-centric mindset essential for successful sales.

Strategic Pipeline Building

Learn to build and nurture a high-yield sales pipeline.

Closing Techniques

Master the art of closing deals and maturing opportunities into successful sales.

Pricing Strategies

Understand effective pricing models and communicate value to clients.

Differentiation & Proposals

Stand out in the market by crafting unique propositions and effective proposals.

Technology for Sales

Explore the tech stack that streamlines sales operations in the landscaping industry.

Building a Sales Culture

Foster a growth-oriented sales culture for repeatability and scaling.

SiteRecon tools you get for free

Site audit app

Supercharge your site visits by conducting detailed site audits on the map. Document site conditions, service issues, enhancement opportunities etc. on the map using photos and notes. Organize them using “tags” and share with your team or customer with one click. Attach these site audit reports with your proposal to stand out from the competition and wow your prospects.

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AI Takeoffs

Spend less time measuring and estimating and more time doing high value activities like prospecting and nurturing by automating your takeoffs with SiteRecon. Users typically report a 2X increase in close rate within the first few months of adopting SiteRecon.

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Landscaping pros acing it with SiteRecon

Greenscape makes an extra $100,000 per Business Developer in 2021

"When you take the measurement out, we've seen sales, people's productivity go way up, because they are able to focus on that higher value activities."

- Daniel Currin, CEO, Greenscape

Mainscape increases closing rates from 10% to 20%

"Now we're able to widen out the bottom part of that funnel and have a better close rate. We're also putting better, more qualified leads in the top of the funnel. And frankly, seeing our close rate increase that 20 to 25%."

- Nate Hyde, VP Sales, Mainscape

Eliminated friction in sales process

"The amount of time it would take for a person to work through these bids was a very long time. We need to turn around bids quickly to get ahead of the competition and SiteRecon has really helped with that. We get the measurements in a few hours and are able to turn arounds bids very quickly."

- Michael Mayberry, former CTO, Level Green Landscaping

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