Personalized mailers for lawn care

Win 2X more business with personalized mailers

Stop sending generic mailers that give minimal results. Rise above your competition and win more 2x more business this spring season

Use SiteRecon's AI mapping capabilities to measure priority neighborhoods quickly and accurately at a fraction of the cost of manual measurements. Then reach out to your prospects with a property map and a personalized quote on the mailer and close 2X more business.

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How personalized mailers help you win 2X more business

Bigger deals

By utilizing SiteRecon's AI mapping capabilities, you can target high-income neighborhoods and close bigger deals

Higher response rate

Studies suggest you can use personalization to increase  response rate of direct marketing methods by 135%

Target ideal customers

You can use SiteRecon to pinpoint exact neighborhoods or addresses that you want to target and save dollars spent sending mailers to entire zipcodes

Better leads = more business

Use SiteRecon's accurate measurements to generate quotes and get more qualified prospects to call you, increasing chances of closure

Cost-effective service routes

You can find new business along your service routes, make them cost-effective  and grow your bottom line

How does it work?

1. Identify priority neighborhoods

Find properties along your service routes or areas where you want to grow your presence. You can also send a list of addresses.

2. We measure the properties

SiteRecon's AI measures sites for you quickly and accurately. We then run 2 quality checks to ensure that the measurements are up to the standard.

3. Get the maps printed on mailers

We'll send you an excel sheet populated with property measurements and snapshots of maps. We can also deliver the data in other preferred formats as well for your printing partners

How personalized mailers help you win 2X more business

You get some handy tools that let you easily identify and highlight high-income/big lawn area neighborhoods

High-resolution Nearmap imagery and get access to high-resolution screenshots, link to live maps and measurement excel for your CRM

Set up the priority of dispatch using factors like size of lawns (front yard, back yard), features on the lawn (like beds, patios, pools), construction age of the property, deliverability score

It'll cost you 90% more to do it yourself

You can measure thousands of sites in a week or two

Special holiday season pricing

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