Yardmaster, Inc. automated property measurements

in January 2021 and within just a few months, they've been able to improve their closing rate, bring accountability into the picture and are generating proposals 40% faster!Curious to know how they accomplished so much in so little time? Keep scrolling!

The Proof is in the Pudding
Our numbers speak for themselves
Credit system helps keep accountability
Accurate measurements helping to generate better estimates
Ability to generate proposals increased by 40%

Very impressed with the accuracy

"I challenged them (the sales reps) to take the traditional process – which is measuring properties by hand – and do side by side comparisons of the sites that they’ve sent to SiteRecon, and we were very impressed with the accuracy. That made the initial implementation and conversation pretty easy for us."

Context - Michael talks about how he verified the accuracy of measurements delivered by SiteRecon

40% increase in the ability to create proposals

"From start to finish, it would take us approximately 5 days to generate the proposal and present it to the client. We’ve now reduced that to three. If you want to use that math, then we’ve increased our ability to generate proposals by 40%."

Context - Michael talks about how the implementation of SiteRecon has helped increase the rate at which proposals were being prepared.

Significant contributor in increasing the win rate

"I asked both of them on a call earlier this morning, how much of that increase in their win rate would they attribute to SiteRecon. On a scale of one to five where it would rank as far as being a contributing factor to that, they believed it was in the neighborhood of 3.5 to 4."

Context -Michael tells us that his sales reps have found SiteRecon to be a major contributor in the increase of their win rate.

Credit system helps keep accountability

"If you ask a salesperson, they’ll tell you that they’re the busiest people in the organization. That certainly helps validate it that I can go and tell, guess what, Jimmy used 240 credits last week; he has been busy. Or Rob has used 30 credits in the last week; he’s feeding me a lot of crap."

Context - Michael explains how he is able to monitor his sales reps' performance by keeping track of their weekly credit usage.

A+ for customer support

"Customer support has been an A+ and we haven’t had any issues in terms of reliability. Connectivity has been flawless too; we haven’t had any issues with that. The feedback has been outstanding, so the customer service has been great."

Context - Michael is generous with his praise.

Michael's two cents for the industry

"All of technology and the advancement that it has made on the user side has made things really simple, in particular, your platform. You don’t have to be a high-functioning tech-savvy individual to maneuver your way around SiteRecon. So really, there should be no apprehension or fear, it’s pretty simple to use."

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