Winning Presentation and Proposals Masterclass

Date: March 22nd, 2024

Time: 11:30 a.m. EST

Done right, a proposal sets you apart from your competition and makes you unforgettable in the eyes of the prospect.

This results in a higher win rate. Join us on March 22nd, 11:30 am EST to learn how to create proposals and presentations that persuade your prospects to buy YOUR services.

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Secrets of Commercial Estimating

Are you hitting the gross margins you need to achieve profitability? Do your actual production hours match your budgeted hours? Are you able to hit your sales targets reliably every year?

Get these questions and many more like them answered during our 60-minute long estimating masterclass (including a Q&A session) on July 17th at 11:30 a.m. EST.

You will learn how to...

Ensure your base maintenance gross margins are where they need to be

Close the gap between estimated and actual hours

Scale up sales to hit budget targets every year - reliably

Justify price increase to customers during renewals

Conduct fast, conflict-free production reviews

Adjust your pricing without sacrificing profit margins

Assess where the competition is pricing their service

Run smoother operations with a reliable estimating system

Reduce the heavy lift - with a done-for-you estimating system

Gain control of operational functions such as labor, materials and scheduling

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Who should attend?

Business owners looking to build an efficient, scalable sales engine

Business owners looking to diversify into commercial maintenance

Account Managers and Business Developers chasing aggressive goals

Estimators looking to increase their productivity

Branch Managers looking to run faster, more efficient production reviews

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Utkarsh Sharma

Founder & CEO, SiteRecon

Pioneered AI takeoffs and property mapping solutions. Works with 3 out of top 5 LM150 companies.

Fred Haskett

Principal Partner, TrueWinds Consulting

43+ years of experience building estimating systems for industry giants like The Brickman Group and U.S. Lawns

Landscaping pros love SiteRecon workshops

Lots of good insights Patrick & Justin. Thanks

Rebecca Kurtz
Sebert Landscape

Thanks for all the great information. Super helpful!

Larry Rudd

Enjoyed this event, thank you.

Harrison Long
JB Kline Landscaping

Thank you all!! Great information!

Doug Berschet
Yellowstone Landscape

Thank you! It was very informative

Errol Parachojuk
Valley Outdoor Design

Thanks guys. Amazing insights.

Brandon Whaley