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SiteRecon has built a pipeline of $1000,000 in a year while generating a revenue of $500,000 without any funding. As one of the fastest evolving startups in the green industry, it's a great place for you to slingshot your career towards success.


One eye on innovation & the other on growth


A team that makes magic happen overnight


At the leading edge of technologies revolutionizing the green industry


A culture that's built on the philosophy of looking after each other


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"What you work on and who you work with is far important than how hard you work. At SiteRecon, you work on the coolest technologies with the coolest people."

Nishant Nikhil, Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, SiteRecon.



"Perfection is a myth. You need to get your product out there with as much speed as possible and do as many iterations as you can to get as close as anyone can to perfection."

Prabhat Kumar, co-founder and CPO, SiteRecon



"No career path in the modern world is more exciting, rewarding, or has a higher potential of earning than software and technology solution sales."

Mansoor Dar, Growth Consultant, SiteRecon


Meet Our Teams



Utkarsh Sharma

Founder and CEO

Prabhat Kumar

Co-founder and CPO

Nishant Nikhil

Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist

Ankit Lohani





Navneet Priyadarshi

Lead Application Developer

Anukool Purohit

Senior Deep Learning Engineer

Shivam Utreja

Senior Deep Learning Engineer

Sakshi Agrawal

Frontend Engineer


Backend Engineer

Ayush Dangwal

Backend Engineer

Divya Kandpal

QA Engineer

Shivangi Sharma

Software Developer I

Sneha Gupta

Android Developer

Neha Makkar

Android Developer

Shashank Singh Bisht

Android Developer



Aditya Shukla


Mandeep Kumar

Ops Manager

Tania Mustafi Mallick

Senior Cartographer


Product & Design


Anish Aneja

Head of Design

Geetika Joshi

Product Manager

Shubham Jain

Product Manager

Mayank Rathour

Associate Product Manager

Saiful Ameen

UX Designer

Manoj Kumar

Senior Graphic Designer

Gauri Verma

Junior Product Designer


Customer Success

Raj Nagar

Director of Sales

Ashish Khatiyan

Senior Business Development Manager

Saby Khanduja

Business Development Manager

Amaan Zaidi

Director of Communications


Head of Customer Success

Sanjay Sharma

Customer Success Manager

Akshay Ralli

Customer Success Associate

Ravi Gupta

QA Manager-CS

Salman Javed



People,culture & Strategic Operations


Sonali Bindiya


Gurleen Singh

Founder's Office

Diksha Raghav

Account Associate


Got Questions?

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  • What is SiteRecon?

    SiteRecon is an end-to-end, fully automated property measurement solution.

    It is an online platform that measures the properties for you. You have the option to measure properties on your own or get them measured by the software.

    It has a button - 'Get Measurements' - that creates orders to generate property measurements.

    All one needs to do is input the address, select the features to measure and press that button - SiteRecon pulls the property outline and high resolution aerial imagery; measures the property, checks for quality and delivers the data.

    Result - fully automated property measurements.

  • Why haven't I heard about it before?

    SiteRecon was operating in the US and Canada since August 2020, partnering with Australian aerial survey company Nearmap to get high resolution, updated aerial imagery for creating precise property maps.

    Partnership with Nearmap grew in 2021 and we now access Nearmap's imagery from aerial surveys over Australian cities - opening up SiteRecon for landscaping companies Down Under.

  • What can I look forward to achieving if I join SiteRecon?

    SiteRecon is at the forefront of technological revolution that is shaping the green industry. At SiteRecon, you will be working with such technologies, growing rapidly with the organization, and learning new things every day in a fast-paced goal-oriented environment.

    If those are the things that you're looking for, then hop on board. Sky's the limit!

  • What is the corp structure like?

    There's a company called SiteRecon Inc. that is located in Delaware, US, and has all the customers. Then there's another company called Futuresafe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi that has got all the employees on its payroll.

    The two companies have an inter-company agreement to do some business between themselves and that's how the money moves. The interesting thing though is that all the employees are recognized as employees of SiteRecon. This effectively means that they're all working for a US-based company.

  • What is the significance of the technologies we are using?

    The wheels of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are beginning to pick up speed and as the revolution gains momentum, it will completely change the way we do things - for the better, of course.

    The foundation on which this new world order will be built would be a digital spatial model of the world that we live in. The GIS solutions that we are providing are doing exactly that.

    Since the revolution is now inevitable, we thought it would be prudent to create a platform where these new IoT services can take base, and within a relatively short amount of time, SiteRecon has emerged as that platform. We're also working diligently to make our platform more interactive, useful, and user-friendly so that anyone can benefit from it. This approach is certainly helping us grow at a lightning fast speed.

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