snow property measurment

Complete snow bids within hours without measuring properties

Property Data Platform For Snow Professionals

SiteRecon users....

....Stopped measuring properties & Ordered Property Data

Their estimating process was slowing down sales

Time Wasted

Sales reps measuring properties were missing out on selling time


Lead qualification was slow, sometimes as long as two weeks


Scheduling conflicts over estimating time were common

To fix this, they started ordering property data from SiteRecon


Automate measuring tasks

They automated measuring tasks so that reps could focus entirely on selling


Access data quickly

Got property views and measurements for estimates within hours so that reps have the option to qualify prospects within the day 

Bid accurately

Got high fidelity data every time to fix overbidding and win more business

Scale up

They scaled up prospecting and estimating without scaling the estimating team 

Property measurements they are ordering

parking lot

Parking Lots

Parking Lots measured as a whole or broken down into parking spaces and drive lanes

lawn area


Concrete surfaces like Sidewalks and pavements measured as standalone features

property measurements roadways


Surface area of motorable hardscape features such as docks and roadways

How they get property data

On an online platform, delivered within hours


Property maps


Aerial views

How to order property data now

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Order measurements and get surface area numbers within hours

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