SH*T Happens! People sue

Be ready when they do! Leading insurance firms suggest that the best safeguard against slip and fall lawsuits is airtight documentation (photos, time-stamps, GPS stamps). Document the hell out of your snow jobs with Plato - an app designed these needs.


Minimize the risk

By following these three practices


1) Do a quality job

Make sure not to overextend yourself. Make sure you have all the right equipment. Apply the appropriate amount of salt. Too little salt and they'll slip on ice. Too much salt and they'll slip on salt


2) Stay on top of your contracts

Hire a good lawyer to create your contract and put the right verbiage in. Make sure the contract has "indemnity clauses" and "hold harmless clauses" to protect you..


3) Document everything

Record check in and check out times. Take photos of your work and geotag them on property maps. You can do this all using Plato. Also, since Plato stores all your information on the cloud, you don't have to worry about those images getting lost if you're called in a courtroom 2 years down the line.

"In the case of subcontractors, our client owns the photos if they are loaded into Plato. If it's 2 years before a lawsuit needs those photos the subcontractor could have deleted the photos or may not even be around anymore to get the photos from the device. There are so many reasons to own those photos in our database and not rely on devices to retrieve those photos when needed." 

Jacob Mathews

CEO, JJ's Exterior Maintenance Co.


So simple. Even grandma can use it!

No kidding. Just 3 easy steps and you're done.

Take a photo

of your work

Add a description

explaining what you did

Pin it to the map

and share with the PM


Instant Reports at the click of a button

Export the notes you've taken on Plato in the form of pdf and excel reports


Why use Plato reports?

Its an easy and very professional way to produce a high quality branded document with photos and notes. To stand in front of a lawyer in a liability case with your cell phone is not very professional.  The report combines everything into a neat clean report by event.


Plato membership

Costs less than 2 six pack beer



per user per month

  • Before and after geotagged photos
  • PDF and Excel reports with time stamps
  • Unlimited properties
  • Unlimited notes on maps
  • Property Manager collaboration
  • Subcontractor collaboration
  • Software integrations
  • Assign tasks on maps
  • Site audits
  • Enhancement proposals on maps

Got Questions?

Keep scrolling to learn more

  • Is the app available for both Android and iOS?

    Yes, it is available for both platforms on Google Play store and App Store under the name Plato by SiteRecon.

  • Are the photos stored on my phone or on the cloud?

    The photos are stored on the cloud so your phone storage remains free.

  • How do I share the notes and photos?

    You can share the notes, photos with your teammates or the Property Manager either by inviting them into your workspace or by exporting a pdf of the notes with one click.

  • Is there a desktop version of the app as well?

    Yes, the app can be accessed on the desktop as by logging onto

    Most SiteRecon users use the desktop app primarily for ordering takeoffs.


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