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Why SiteMemos?

SiteMemos is a platform tailored especially for landscapers!

You can create geo-tagged notes to make communication smooth and seamless.

You'll never have to experience a "Did I make a note of that?" scenario.

Your operations team will know exactly where a certain job is to be done.

You wouldn't have to face angry customers because of delayed work.

It'll help you create stunning proposals that'll leave the clients in awe.

How does SiteMemos work?

There's no learning curve. It's a walk in the park.

Create memos

Pick a location anywhere on the map and click to add a memo.

Add attachments

Feel free to add images, videos, links, and other attachments

Assign tasks

Convert memos into tasks and assign them to your team.

Have discussions

Every memo has a discussion thread to facilitate easy communication.

Take notes during site visits

Walk the site with the customer and take notes of the scope to create stunning proposals.

Stay updated

Keep track of all the jobs on your properties and stay up-to-date with the proceedings.

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First 100 entries get free lifetime access!

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