Are your vendors taking you for a ride?

SiteRecon’s AI mapping solution helps you build an inventory of all your facility assets - helping you benchmark pricing for maintenance projects - so that you never get overbilled.

Break the wheel! Reinvent the RFP process


Step 1 - Scope out assets on site

Once you've decided the type of service (landscaping, pavement repair, roof repair, etc.) that your sites need, you can share the list of assets that need to be measured with SiteRecon and our AI tool will generate lightning fast and super-accurate measurements with interactive maps.


Step 2 - Create a benchmark proposal

Having accurate data on hand will help you create a benchmark proposal, against which, you can evaluate the incoming bids from vendors.


Step 3 - Invite vendors

Now, when you invite vendors to bid on the maintenance project in question, you will an inventory of your assets to evaluate how accurate their bid is. This way, they won't be able to overbill you.

Vendor: "Looks like you've got 60,000 sq. ft. of turf here."

You: "No, that's only 35,000 sq. ft. of turf. I have already measured it with SiteRecon."

align bids

Step 4 - Align bids with the benchmark proposal

The vendors whose bids are closest to your benchmark proposals will be the ones most likely to deliver good service for the adequate amount of compensation.


Step 5 - Select your ideal exterior maintenance vendor

Once you've shortlisted a few vendors that show potential for good business, you can make your choice and end up with the ideal vendor for your needs.


Common RFP Scenarios where SiteRecon can make a difference


Replacing mulch beds in all state franchises with rock beds

Let's say the corporate takes a decision to replace mulch beds in all state franchises with rock beds and you're supposed to manage the entire maintenance project.

With SiteRecon, you can get all your sites mapped within a couple of days, which will help you create a benchmark proposal before you invite vendors. Consequently, you can avoid being overbilled.


Repairing pavements in all state franchises after snow season

Imagine it's the end of snow season and all your franchises in the state are in dire need of pavement repair. With SiteRecon, you can get those assets measured in no time, prepare a benchmark proposal and invite vendors to bid on the project.

Instead of shooting in the dark and trusting the vendors blindly, you'll be making data-driven decisions - thereby making your RFP process faster, smoother, and more efficient.


Repairing damaged roofs for all state franchises

Imagine the headache that you have to go through if you were to seek out vendors for roof repair after snow season with your current RFP process. However, if you already know your assets, you'll know how much you should be charged.


Got Questions?

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  • What is SiteRecon?

    SiteRecon is an end-to-end, fully automated property measurement solution.

    It is an online platform that measures the properties for you. You have the option to measure properties on your own or get them measured by the software.

    It has a button - 'Get Measurements' - that creates orders to generate property measurements.

    All you need to do is input the address and press that button - SiteRecon pulls the property outline and high resolution aerial imagery; measures the property, checks for quality and delivers the data.

    Result - fully automated property measurements.

  • How accurate is it?

    With an RFP order here are some accuracy KPIs:

    • Machine output (Sq. ft. within 5% of total area)
    • 1st layer Quality control (within 2%)
    • 2nd layer Quality control(within 1%)
  • What will the delivery time look like?

    In a typical RFP of average 5000 sites our turnaround time is under 10 days for final quality checked maps, and under 3 days for machine output.

  • What if I want to make changes to the map or my vendors need more clarification for their RFP response?

    We have a dedicated customer success team that would be at your beck and call and our team is more than qualified to handle queries related to mapping or landscaping in general. In the event that you or your vendor may require modification to a map or some the addition of new information, we will take care of it within 24 hours.

  • How do I ensure that all participating vendors have access to the same maps?

    With an RFP response, each responsible vendor would be mapping out your portfolio to come up with accurate estimates. This takes up 90% of the RFP response time. With SiteRecon, vendors have an option to buy licenses to their complete portfolio maps on day one at a fraction of the cost. It's important that every vendor has the same maps so that there's consistency while evaluating bids.

  • Can SiteRecon measure a property that was recently constructed?

    Yes. SiteRecon access the best-in-class aerial imagery from Nearmap to extract measurements. Nearmap imagery is collected over 700 cities within the last 1-9 months. The collection frequency depends on how big your city is. The bigger the city, higher the collection frequency.

  • What does the onboarding process look like?

    Once you decide to subscribe, there are five steps to go through -

    • Signing data license agreement
    • Paying for platform subscription
    • Signing up on the platform
    • Completing the 30 min training call with SiteRecon team
    • Ordering first property to measure
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