Run an airtight RFP process and find your next ideal exterior maintenance vendor

The latest in AI innovation for exterior mapping and cost analysis has reinvented the RFP process in 2022.


Here is what the industry experts had to say


Length of the RFP process improves from 1-3 months to under 4 weeks.

Management and oversight requirements for evaluations and responses decrease by more than 75%.

Vendor participation increases by 50% with more efficient RFP.

Bids can be evaluated more effectively, with more meaningful insights.

More transparency in objection resolution and conflicts.

Who is this for?

SiteRecon has built groundbreaking technology solutions for the landscaping industry. Our AI-based mapping and takeoffs automation is a major change engine in how vendors participate and succeed in bids.

It was clear that in order to truly improve the RFP process, we needed something for Facility Managers and Property Management companies.


Facility Managers

Experience the dream execution of the RFP process this year

Property manger

Property Mangers

Remove the lags in RFP responses, and have smoother negotiation of desired SLAs

RFP Consultant

RFP Consultants

Increase vendor participation in bids and land on your perfect fit vendor.


Here's the truth!

Facility Managers can now run their ideal RFP, improving on all the shortcomings of their process. IF you have the right information and clarity on the job planning.

You need complete exterior maps to derive your own costing baseline and planned solution. A baseline that will serve as a benchmark to evaluate all competing bids on their own merit, making process fast, efficient and transparent. 

However in the past FM's have very rarely mapped the exterior of their site portfolio in the RFP, this data set does not exist either because it was too expensive to measure OR too time-consuming for the core team to divert their attention and oversight.

As it stands, we are the only people dedicated to solving this particular problem for FMs.


RFPs-a passable solution for an imperfect situation

The Request For Proposal is used as an only resort, when the work scope is either too ambiguous or complex to fit the standard tender invitation process. Meaning the party putting up the request is uncertain on the exact solution, that is left up to the bidders to present options. While bidding vendors are under pressure and often under prepared. 

99% of the time and efforts leading up to the RFP award involve trying to understand then bridge these conflicting positions. A successful RFP team has to juggle being transparent, fair and efficient without compromising on either.


Here is how 2022 RFP can be different

land gif

Map the entire portfolio with quick and precise AI technology

Have clarity on the scale and scope of an ideal maintenance solution, and establish baseline costs.

Experts acknowledge this as a shortcoming in RFP process across industries. Having a clear vision makes the process quick and hassle free for both the FM and participating vendors.


Make maps and estimates available to vendors and facilitate their response time and due process

Vendors spend 95% of the time and efforts around mapping and estimating to make their proposal. If vendors have the option to access the same verified maps they will submit bids quicker without errors. Differences in bid price will now reflect individual vendor’s capability.


Understand and break down the complexities of vendor pricing logics, and streamline negotiations

Both the vendors and Facility managers agree that having access to the same maps and agreed estimates will make responses faster, conflicts and objections will be easier to resolve, and the decision making process becomes much more transparent.


Here's what you'll get when you work with us

You will get maps, and automated measurements on our platform. This complete outsourcing and automation occurs at a fraction of the cost and an even smaller fraction of time.


Accurate data

You will be able to have complete maps of your portfolio with each feature measured with machine precision, making it easy to derive baseline estimates of the project cost.  


Baseline estimates

Detailed proposal and baseline estimate will be available to you, to benchmark a solution and budget.

faster bids

Faster bids from vendors

You can direct participating vendors to complete maps already prepared at a fraction of the cost they would have spent. With this data as a starting point expect a bid within days.

right person

Right vendor for every job

Use the estimates to compare prices across different job categories, you will now have the option to divide the contract and hedge your risks, by awarding different jobs to different vendors according to their strengths and weaknesses.


With SiteRecon, Thornton's is getting the pricing right to avoid being overbilled

“Having that data now is going to ensure us that we’re getting what we need and we’re not getting overbilled, because there are so many people out there that will overbill and it’s hard to catch it. We have thousands of work orders open at any given time for our stores, so, it’s a lot of moving parts. Sometimes, when we’re handling bigger jobs, we can use this data to ensure that we’re getting the right pricing.”

Context - Stephen talks about how having all the measurement data on the negotiating table helps him to avoid being overbilled.


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  • What is SiteRecon?

    SiteRecon is an end-to-end, fully automated property measurement solution.

    It is an online platform that measures the properties for you. You have the option to measure properties on your own or get them measured by the software.

    It has a button - 'Get Measurements' - that creates orders to generate property measurements.

    All you need to do is input the address and press that button - SiteRecon pulls the property outline and high resolution aerial imagery; measures the property, checks for quality and delivers the data.

    Result - fully automated property measurements.

  • How accurate is it?

    With an RFP order here are some accuracy KPIs:

    • Machine output (Sq. ft. within 5% of total area)
    • 1st layer Quality control (within 2%)
    • 2nd layer Quality control(within 1%)
  • What will the delivery time look like?

    In a typical RFP of average 5000 sites our turnaround time is under 10 days for final quality checked maps, and under 3 days for machine output.

  • What if I want to make changes to the map or my vendors need more clarification for their RFP response?

    We have a dedicated customer success team that would be at your beck and call and our team is more than qualified to handle queries related to mapping or landscaping in general. In the event that you or your vendor may require modification to a map or some the addition of new information, we will take care of it within 24 hours.

  • How do I ensure that all participating vendors have access to the same maps?

    With an RFP response, each responsible vendor would be mapping out your portfolio to come up with accurate estimates. This takes up 90% of the RFP response time. With SiteRecon, vendors have an option to buy licenses to their complete portfolio maps on day one at a fraction of the cost. It's important that every vendor has the same maps so that there's consistency while evaluating bids.

  • Can SiteRecon measure a property that was recently constructed?

    Yes. SiteRecon access the best-in-class aerial imagery from Nearmap to extract measurements. Nearmap imagery is collected over 700 cities within the last 1-9 months. The collection frequency depends on how big your city is. The bigger the city, higher the collection frequency.

  • What does the onboarding process look like?

    Once you decide to subscribe, there are five steps to go through -

    • Signing data license agreement
    • Paying for platform subscription
    • Signing up on the platform
    • Completing the 30 min training call with SiteRecon team
    • Ordering first property to measure
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