Landscaping Sales Masterclass

Join the Million Dollar Club in 2024

Date: Dec 22nd, 2023

Time: 11:30 a.m. EST

What do sales guys who close millions of dollars every year do differently than those who don’t? They use their time in the best way possible. Join our 1-hour long Landscaping Sales Masterclass Orientation Call where 2 of industry’s finest sales guys - Patrick Spusta, Director of Sales, Garden of Babylon and Tito Caceres, Managing Partner, Bloom Partners - will show you the tools and tactics they use to sell millions of dollars of landscaping services, consistently.

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What will you learn?

How top sales guys add millions of dollars in sales revenue consistently

How to estimate jobs more accurately and faster than your competition

How to stand out from the competition in a crowded market

How to win jobs without bidding low and eroding profit margins

How to sell your business by adding value in your customer’s head

How to leave a lasting first impression on the prospect without any prior personal relationship

How to become unforgettable in the eyes of the prospect

How to price jobs for profit without looking “expensive”









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Utkarsh Sharma

CEO, SiteRecon

Founder & CEO of SiteRecon, the #1 property mapping software in the industry, Utkarsh has helped 350+ landscaping and snow removal companies 2X their close rates, streamline their operations, reduce their churn and develop better customer relationships by leveraging mapping technology.

Tito Caceres

Managing Partners, Bloom Partners

Tito is an industry veteran and has worked alongside multi-million-dollar BDMs at great companies, gaining valuable insights into their challenges and successes. He himself built a $3 million pipeline in just 1 year at Ruppert Landscapes and now helps landscaping companies find the right talent for acing their business development goals.

Patrick Spusta

Director of Sales,
Gardens of Babylon Landscape

Patrick ran a 37% close rate and produced 4.6 million in contractual revenue sales in 24 months of sales in Chicagoland, one of the most competitive markets in the country. As a multiple major market industry leader, he has a proven track record of developing reoccurring contractual revenue streams. His expertise and dedication have earned him a reputation as a trailblazer in the field

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