How Property Managers Identify Winners

Join us to learn how to stand out from your competition and beat the bigger fish in your market.


24th March 11:30am EST


Who is this for?

This webinar is for all landscape maintenance and lawn care pros who've been struggling to stand out from their competition. While this may seem like an unsolvable puzzle, there are a few companies that have cracked it.

  • Level Green Landscaping has grown 65% in 3 years.
  • Rockaway Inc. is consistently beating competition 50X its size in the Jacksonville, FL market.
  • Another Seattle-based company won a $1 million contract despite bidding 10% higher than its competitors.

If you want something similar for your business, you should register for the webinar.


Here's what you'll get if you join:

  1. Site inspection reports that were used to close deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars
  2. Roadmap that was used to close big clients
  3. The sales process that has brought them this success
  4. Success stories and why PMs chose these smaller companies over more popular landscape maintenance companies
  5. Maps, yes maps, that helped them close these deals
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