Close 2X more business with personalization

by Amaan Zaidi

The new season is about to start - which means it’s time for PROSPECTING!  🧐

Are you excited about it? Me neither, lol.

Prospecting is like looking for dates in a bar. It's not easy and may involve a lot of drinking. 😁

Need a wingman? I've got you covered.

I've been talking to a lot of successful landscapers and learned some new tricks that may help you make your "dates" successful.  

Residential Prospecting

Ever heard of Weed Man? Yeah, that little lawn care company. Wonder how it became so big?

Here’s how!  

There is a famous story about one of the early branches of Weed Man in Canada – the franchisee owner hired a bunch of college grads to measure every yard in the city. With tens of thousands of lawns measured, he sent out personalized mailers that contained pricing information and grew to be the biggest Weed Man franchise at the time.

The reason is simple – personalization doubles close rates.

Close 2X more business with personalized mailers

PERSONALIZED MAILERS WORK - period! It makes people feel important and people love that feeling.

I was talking to Chad Diller the other day. He’s the VP at Landscape Leadership. He said he was able to close 2X more business with personalization. 

Personalize the sh** out of your mailers  

1) Measure a set of properties in advance that you want to target. 

2) Print out mailers with the maps of those properties and a quote. 

3) Send them out to your prospects.

Imagine your prospect opens their mailbox and finds something like this: 

Cool, right?

So, if you haven’t started yet, LET'S GOO!! There’s no time to lose. Other landscapers might already be targeting prospects in your area.

Don’t have the manpower to map thousands of sites? 

Let me help you. 

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Your prospects when they open their mailbox.

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