Minimize effort, maximize growth: Embrace automation to scale your landscaping business

by Amaan Zaidi

Starting your landscaping firm can be equally thrilling and scary.

Thrilling because you get to live your dream of running an organization; you get to make big decisions that can propel your business towards success, and you get to see the smiles and satisfaction on your customers’ faces when you fulfill and exceed their expectations.

Scary because you’re up against a whole bunch of landscaping firms that have already established a strong foothold in the market.

How can then you gain a competitive advantage in an industry that is rife with passionate, innovative, and hard-working individuals just like you without investing heavily in marketing and/or recruitment?

The answer is quite simple – you use your resources most judiciously.

The easiest and perhaps the most effective way to do so is by automating your takeoffs.

Despite the technological leaps that we’ve taken in the past few years, the way we measure properties hasn’t changed much. More often than not, sales personnel, who could be dedicating their time to higher-value activities, have to measure properties manually. Not only is it a tedious, cumbersome, and painstaking process, it also takes a lot of time – and unnecessarily so. By automating your measurements with SiteRecon, you can eliminate all these problems and accomplish so much more.

Here are some of the benefits of automating takeoffs:

Crushing overbidding and underbidding

Since manual measurements have a long-standing track record of being inaccurate to various degrees, it can often lead to overbidding and underbidding. One of our clients, Mainscape, noticed that it was roughly a 0.03 acres per door difference (between their data and SiteRecon's data), which equated to about a $150,000 price difference from what they would have proposed compared to what they did.

Faster measurements lead to a higher closing rate

As Tim Johnson, President, Tim Johnson Landscaping told us, “The first person there has a pretty good chance of closing, and it (SiteRecon) allows us to be that first person there with a proposal much more often.” If you’re measuring properties manually, you’re pitting your guys against those of your competition. However, if you automate your takeoffs, you can gain a definitive edge that can help you beat the clock and turn around proposals at a considerably faster rate. Mainscape, one of our clients, was able to widen the bottom part of the funnel and push more deals through by automating their measurements, which led them to increase their closing rate by 25%!

Leveraging the cost of sales personnel

Fast and accurate measurements help you to fill the funnel faster, which, in turn, helps you to leverage the cost of your sales personnel. Moreover, since the sales personnel aren’t wasting their precious time clicking on the maps for hours, they can focus on selling more – which is the whole point. It is also notable that when sales personnel don’t have to measure properties, their productivity shoots up immediately. 

It improves customer relations

Since you’re not busy measuring properties all the time, you can focus on what the customer wants. It makes your customers feel like they’re being heard and they tend to stay with you longer. Every entrepreneur knows that retaining customers is one of the most important things to ensure long-term success. You can do so by automating your measurements.

These are just a few among a plethora of benefits that come with automation. It is amazing how much you can accomplish by getting accurate measurements in a short amount of time. While it is beneficial for everyone, automation can especially benefit you if you’re running a small-time landscaping business or just laying the foundation of a landscaping firm and are planning to enter the market with a bang.

So what are you waiting for?

Step into the future, embrace automation, and ride the success express with SiteRecon!


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