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Spring is almost here which means you’ll soon be flooded with calls from prospects asking for a quote - if you’re a lawn care business.

If you are not, read on. After all, who doesn't like to sound smart at dinner conversations with landscapers 😅

If you provide services like mowing, fertilization, weed control, pest control, grub control, lawn disease treatment, etc., this is a good time to take a look at your current sales process and purge inefficiencies before Spring Rush hits.

When a prospect calls in, the best case scenario for you is to close them on that very first call. You don’t want them calling you competition. You can achieve that by delivering exceptional customer service on the sales call and by giving the prospect what they came looking for - a quote!

Of course, the sales rep would need to measure the site before he can give a quote.

There are two problems with this though:

  1. Asking prospect to ‘hold on the line while I calculate the price for your yard’ can be suicidal - 60% leads drop after holding the call for 1 minute.
  2. The sales rep would not be able to give 100% attention to the prospect while he is measuring the site. He would either ask them to wait or indulge in some small talk - which - to be frank - no one likes.

Needless to say, this results in sub par customer service.  

Game Strategy - Automate Site Measurements

The call flow changes significantly when you attack the measurement process with the full force of what tech has to offer today. 

SiteRecon Instant can measure lawns for you within 30 seconds. Any site up to 5 acres can be measured within 30 seconds now! And you’d only be charged 50 cents per site. 

This means your rep doesn’t have to measure the site. 

This also means that you can move the measurement piece to the background so that the rep focuses on talking to the prospect and doesn’t have to worry about measuring the site at any point during the call. 

When would be a good time to trigger SiteRecon Instant? 

Right at the start of the conversation - so that the measurements are ready by the time the rep starts asking questions about site conditions.

Since there is no need to do small talk with the prospect while you measure the site, you can stay focused on the business. This means your calls will be shorter by at least 1-2 minutes - the time it takes to measure a property.

Instead of trying to measure the site while keeping the prospect occupied somehow, your sales rep can connect with the prospect more and discover upsell opportunities. 

It would also make the prospect feel better about the call he had with you compared to other folks he called.

There’s an adage that “First impression is the last impression.” By delivering such a wonderful experience to the prospect, you can significantly increase your close rate.

The solution works wonderfully for online quote requests as well. You must already have a response time SLA. Could be 10 mins, could be 5. If you deploy SiteRecon Instant here, the measurements would be ready within 30 seconds.

This means two things:

  1. You’ll be able to respond faster. According to a lead response time stats from a Lead Connect survey, 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first.
  2. Your sales reps would have more time to create a better proposal.

Creating an online shop

How do you collect leads online? From your website through something like a “Get a Quote” form?

Most websites out there today can connect with SiteRecon Instant through an integration platform called Zapier. It means when your customer fills the form on your website and enters their address in it, SiteRecon can measure the site instantly. 

If you’re using tools like Jobber or Field Routes, you can integrate them with SiteRecon to give out quotes instantly - without them having to leave the website. 

If you’re using other non-conventional CRMs, we can set up a system for you.  

Winning with Automation 

Automating measurements is a huge win for customer experience - the prospect quickly got what he was looking for and got a far better service on call compared to other companies he has spoken to in the past. 

Better customer experience is a win in itself - better brand image, more customer goodwill - more referrals in the future. 

Time to make a decision, a lot is at stake….

Want to know how you can set this up? 

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