How does quick response time translate into business success?  

by Amaan Zaidi

Let’s start by imagining a scenario: A manager who looks after a commercial property is looking to hire a landscaping firm for certain landscape maintenance activities. Let’s say 3 landscapers in the area answer his call. 

Now the first one calls him and schedules a meeting the very next day. During the meeting, he comes ready with measurements and other finer details and proposes an accurate quote for the job. 

The other two landscapers call him and tell him they’ll get back to him within 3-4 working days with a proposal. 

Which landscaper do you think will win the bid in this scenario? 

The answer is obvious.

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In a market rife with competition, the first to answer is often the first to bag the job

Customers don’t like being kept on the hook. They want their queries answered quickly. Until now in the landscaping industry, it was well understood that it takes time for landscapers to measure properties and generate estimates. Hence, the customers were patient. But now, automated measurements are changing the game. 

These measurements are faster and more accurate, which helps the landscapers to generate bids faster and bag more jobs. If you haven’t automated your measurements yet and your competitors have, then you’re already on the backfoot as they will be able to develop proposals faster than you. 

The slowest step in the process determines the overall speed 

Think of it like this: A car manufacturer can make 1000 doors, 2000 tires, 8000 chassis, and 10 engines in a day. 

How many cars do you think he can manufacture in a day? 

Only 10 cars!

Similarly, measurements are the slowest step in the bidding process and they determine the speed at which you can get back to your customer with a proposal. Automated measurements are not only more accurate than manual ones but they are way faster as well. By embracing automation, you can significantly increase your closing rate and scale your sales funnel. 

Winning customer’s trust is key to long-term success

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Time is the most essential commodity in today’s fast-paced world. No one likes to wait, and as a growing business, the sooner you learn this lesson the better you’ll fare in the market. 

It is time to do away with the slow, painstaking process of measuring properties manually by clicking on the maps for hours. It is counterproductive. Not only is it slow (which in itself is a major issue) it also takes up your sales personnel’s time - which could otherwise have been spent taking care of higher-value activities like ‘selling’! 

SiteRecon provides a simple platform where you can measure properties automatically and scale up your sales funnel without having to invest in recruitment or marketing. This way, you can create faster, more accurate bids, focus on your customers’ needs, improve your closing rate, and catapult your business towards success in no time.

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