How Do Property Managers Identify Winners?


I was recently talking to a Business Developer from a pretty big company. We were discussing problems BDs face when they’re trying to make a sale. 

This is what he said.

“Biggest thing?” He pursed his lips and thought for a second. “It’s so freakin’ hard to differentiate yourself from everyone else, man. Everyone says they’re different and no one has anything to show for it. Might as well be a damn lucky draw.” His voice quivered with frustration. 😩

“I’m fortunate I work for a company that’s famous or I’d be screwed,” he said with a cheeky smile.

If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard someone say that they don’t know how to stand out from the competition, I’d have, well, a whole lot of pennies.

Tyler Jabaay, President, Priority Landscape Maintenance said it best: “Most landscapers deliver the same finished product at the end of the day. If the beds are weed free, the edges look good, the grass is mowed even and doesn’t have any dandelions or clover in it, it’s all pretty. Good from far and far from good. What’s our differentiator then? Our only differentiator is customer service."

That’s it. If you can demonstrate that your customer service is like no one else, you win - every time! 🔥

So how do you demonstrate superior customer service? 🤔

Ken Thomas, Principal, Envisor Consulting, says, "Well, it starts with effective communication that builds confidence and trust as a valued service provider. Building relational equity is not that difficult. You do what you say you would do. 😃

The most important qualities that property managers look for in a service provider are:

- Honesty

- Effective Communication

- Technical expertise

- Proactiveness

Landscaping is typically one of the highest budget line items that a PM must balance on an annual basis.

The ability for a PM to lean on a professional service provider in helping to achieve their budget and operational goals while eliminating risk is huge."

While most guys are struggling with this, there are some who have cracked the puzzle.

🔥 Level Green Landscaping has grown 65% in 3 years.

🔥 Rockaway Inc. is consistently beating competition 50X its size in the Jacksonville, FL market.

🔥 Another Seattle based company won a $1 million contract despite bidding 10% higher than its competitors.

3 companies, 1000s of miles apart, winning the same way, isn’t a coincidence. When we look closely into how these companies function, we can spot a clear pattern. They’re all communicating with their prospects in a very visual manner - by using maps.

Their sales reps are using all of SiteRecon’s capabilities to showcase to their prospects that they’re more than just a grass-cutter - that they’re a professional who can offer premium customer service.

You have to understand that a BD is a company’s brand ambassador. If the impression that BD leaves on the prospect is good, the prospect thinks that’s how the entire company operates. 😎

To the Property Managers, these guys are an asset. They don’t just do landscape maintenance. They make the Property Manager look good in front of his superiors and colleagues. They become a talking point by bringing all this cool tech and processes into the picture. The PMs can’t help but talk about them - giving them free word of mouth marketing - which is probably the best marketing method out there. 

How can I beat the bigger fish in my market? 😲

Well, I’m spilling the beans on these companies’ secrets to success on a webinar I’ll be hosting on 24th March, at 11:30 am EST.

It’s called Standing Out in a Tough Market: How Property Managers Identify Winners?

During the session, we’ll discuss exactly what it is that these winners are doing to stand out from their competitors. 

Here’s what you’ll get if you join:

1️⃣ Site inspection reports that were used to close deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

2️⃣ Roadmap that was used to close big clients.

3️⃣ The sales process that has brought them this success.

4️⃣ Success stories and why PMs chose these smaller companies over more popular landscape maintenance companies.

5️⃣ Maps, yes maps, that helped them close these deals.

At the end of the webinar, you’ll walk away with a plan of attack and all the tools that you need to execute that plan. 👊


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Looking forward to seeing you at the webinar.

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