Win Spring Rush 2022 by Generating Maintenance Proposals in 5 minutes

by Amaan Zaidi

Spring is knocking on the door and we all know what that means. Prospects calling in left and right like crazy. While it is a great time for closing a boatload of business, it is also a time when your sales team can feel overwhelmed. If you haven’t prepared well for the tsunami of prospects that’s about to hit the shore, you may end up losing a lot of your business to your competitors. 

At such a crucial juncture, what is the one thing that you can change to close more business this year and win Spring Rush 2022? Obviously, it’s the speed at which you generate maintenance proposals. 

Let’s start by imagining a scenario: A homeowner rings up 3 lawn care companies in his area to inquire about spring cleanup. 

During the call, the sales rep from the first company is able to measure the property accurately (within 30 seconds) and gives the prospect an accurate quote for the job right away. He then hangs up and sends the prospect an official proposal.

The sales reps from the other two companies tell the prospect they’ll get back to him soon with a proposal.

Which company do you think will win the bid in this scenario? 

The answer is obvious. The first company!

In the words of Tim Johnson, President, Tim Johnson Landscaping, “The first person out there with a proposal has a pretty good chance of closing. If you’re not able to respond quickly in a professional and accurate manner through the sales process, then they (customers) are probably not going to think that you’ll be able to do that on the service side.”

You must be wondering, “How can I measure properties in 30 seconds?” 

Well, the answer is AI (Artificial Intelligence). SiteRecon has created Bolt - an AI powered automated measurement tool that can accurately measure lawns within 30 seconds! 

Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Enter the address

Right after the prospect explains why she has called, the agent switches tab from the CRM to SiteRecon Bolt and plugs in her address. Measurements begin and continue in the background while the agent goes back to the CRM to take notes.

Step 2 - Sell the value

Over the next ~30 seconds - the rep assures the prospect that her search has ended and explains why your service is exceptional.

Once the prospect is convinced, the rep decides to share pricing.

Step 3 - Generate proposal


Measurements are ready.

He multiplies the area with the production rate and shares a cost with the prospect. The prospect likes the price for the value she is getting.

He sends the proposal and a payment link to collect a booking deposit.

Deal closed. Success! The entire process takes less than 5 minutes.

These measurements are faster and more accurate, which helps the landscapers to generate bids faster and bag more jobs. If you haven’t automated your measurements yet and your competitors have, then you’re already on the backfoot as they will be able to develop proposals faster than you. 

The slowest step in the process determines the overall speed 

Think of it like this: A car manufacturer can make 1000 doors, 2000 tires, 8000 chassis, and 10 engines in a day.

How many cars do you think he can manufacture in a day? 

Only 10 cars!

Similarly, measurements are the slowest step in the bidding process and they determine the speed at which you can get back to your customer with a proposal. Automated measurements from SiteRecon Bolt are not only more accurate than manual ones but they are way faster as well. By embracing automation, you can significantly increase your closing rate and scale your sales funnel. 

SiteRecon bolt

Winning customer’s trust is key to long-term success

Time is the most essential commodity in today’s fast-paced world. No one likes to wait! It is time to do away with the slow, painstaking process of measuring properties manually by clicking on the maps for hours. It is counterproductive. Not only is it slow (which in itself is a major issue) it also takes up your sales personnel’s time - which could otherwise have been spent taking care of higher-value activities like ‘selling’! 

SiteRecon Bolt provides a simple platform where you can measure properties automatically, generate super-fast proposals, and CLOSE PROSPECTS ON FIRST CALL.

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