3 simple steps for making property measurements easier

by Amaan Zaidi

Are you tired of measuring properties manually?

Do you hate clicking around the maps for hours or running laps around large properties with a measuring wheel?

With SiteRecon, you can get your measurements in just 3 simple steps. 

Let’s see how it works.

Step 1: Input the address

Once you input the address, SiteRecon pulls the property outline and high-resolution aerial imagery using Nearmap, which is crucial because low resolution or outdated imagery may lead to inaccurate measurements.

Step 2: Select the features that you want to measure

From turf to mulch beds to trees to sidewalks and whatnot, our automated measurement tool contains a list of all sorts of features that you may need to measure for a certain property. All you have to do then is select the features that you want to measure from the list. 

Step 3: Click on ‘Get Measurements’

Once you have selected all the features that you want to measure, you just simply need to click on ‘Get Measurements’. Our tool would then generate the property measurements within a few hours, perform a quick quality check, and send you the results for approval. In the meantime, you can focus on other higher-value activities that lead to revenue generation for your business.

If you are satisfied with the results, you can use them to generate estimates and draft proposals. If, however, you want certain changes, you are free to do so. Alternatively, you can ask us to make those changes for you via a feedback form. We’ll treat your request as a priority and send you the updated measurements ASAP.

Furthermore, you need no special training to use the platform. SiteRecon is most commonly used by:

  • Business developers - ordering measurements while working on opportunities.
  • Estimators - offloading measurement tasks on the platform.
  • Operations managers - verifying the maps and measurements through site visits
  • Admin and support staff - helping leadership of their companies execute bulk orders on the platform when they decide to move to a business management software like Aspire.

What do the measurements look like?

All the items that you’ve chosen to measure are viewable on the platform as layers. You can view them individually or together depending on your preference. If you want to share those measurements with your team, all you have to do is share the link and voila! SiteRecon also sends you an excel sheet with all the measurements to make things even more convenient for you. 

How do automated measurements impact your business?

The benefit is twofold: firstly, since the automated measurements are faster and accurate, you can create proposals quickly and answer potential customers’ queries before your competitors can. This is a massive advantage as the first person out there with a proposal usually ends up bagging the job. 

Secondly, you save a bucketload of time since your team isn’t busy measuring properties manually. You can then utilize that time whichever way you see fit. 

Your sales team can focus more on nurturing leads and making sales; you can answer more customer queries in a significantly smaller amount of time, or you can focus on building strong relationships with your customers and boost your retention rate. 

Embrace the future, leverage automation, and grow your business with SiteRecon. Start today with a free trial or book a demo to learn more.

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