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Find job photos & notes easily

Add tags to your notes to organize them on the map.

By simply adding the appropriate tags to the notes, you can distinguish the notes that are related to improvements, issues, tasks, or other criteria.

You can also create your own custom tags for more personalized organization.


Generate reports at the click of a button

Export the notes you've taken on Plato in the form of pdf and excel reports. If you want to create an enhancement proposal, for instance, you can select all the notes you marked as enhancements and export them in pdf format. Plato will automatically


Why use Plato reports?

Its an easy and very professional way to produce a high-quality branded document with photos and notes. Document site conditions on the map during bid walk using the Plato app and export reports with one click to share with your team or prospects.


Find the right plan for you

Plato is a powerful documentation tool for individuals and teams of all sizes




  • Up to 5 properties

  • Unlimited free users

  • PDF & Excel reports

  • Proposals on maps




  • Unlimited propoerties

  • Unlimited free users

  • PDF & Excel reports

  • Proposals on maps

  • Customer collaboration

  • Subcontractor collaboration

  • Software integrations


Got Questions?

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  • Is the app available for both Android and iOS?

    Yes, it is available for both platforms on Google Play store and App Store under the name Plato by SiteRecon.

  • Are the photos stored on my phone or on the cloud?

    The photos are stored on the cloud so your phone storage remains free.

  • How do I share the notes and photos?

    You can share the notes, photos with your teammates or the Property Manager either by inviting them into your workspace or by exporting a pdf of the notes with one click.

  • Is there a desktop version of the app as well?

    Yes, the app can be accessed on the desktop as by logging onto

    Most SiteRecon users use the desktop app primarily for ordering takeoffs.


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