Get ahead of churn

Start predicting and controlling churn by monitoring your sites closely with one app - Plato by SiteRecon.


Companies acing site inspections with Plato


Start by making site assessments easier for your team

With Plato, your team can document job site data with the speed of their thoughts. It's so simple, even grandma can use it.

  • Just pick a location on the map.
  • Add details about the issue.
  • Attach photos.



Keep an eye on all your sites

Get detailed insight into the health of your portfolio accounts. Identify sites that aren't getting enough attention and those that are getting too much.

Uninterrupted visibility allows you to spot potential issues before they become too big and so you can deal with them accordingly.


Keep your team honest

Get monthly insight reports to see how your Account Managers performed their duties. For instance, you can set site visits as a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for your Account Managers.

When you study the monthly insight report, you will be able to clearly see who is meeting the expectations and who is falling short. You can then guide them accordingly.


Keep your customers happy

Share weekly or monthly work progress reports with the Property Managers to keep them in the loop.

Good communication goes a long way in building long-lasting relationships and reducing churn.

When the renewal season comes, you can present all these reports to the customer and show them how you resolved all kinds of issues that came up throughout your tenure.

Landscapers rocking it with Plato

We got Artisan Lakes! Hands down because of Plato app reports. Sell more jobs using Plato. Keep more jobs using Plato. Profit more using Plato.

Greg Burghardt

President, Rockaway Inc.

I am loving this app. The time I am saving along with the information I can provide to my team and my clients is immeasurable to me.

Mary Ellen Burton

Account Manager, Level Green Landscaping

The app is slick. It's really great. It is really helpful for Account Managers when they're out doing site visits. 

Tyler Jabaay

President, Priority Landscape Maintenance

The Plato app is fantastic. It helps us visualize the data on the map. That has been a total game changer for us.

Daniel Currin

CEO, Greenscape


But at what cost?

Reduce churn worth tens of thousands of dollars by spending only $49/month.

You get:

  • Monthly insights
  • Unlimited properties
  • Unlimited free users
  • PDF & Excel reports
  • Proposals on maps
  • Customer collaboration
  • Subcontractor collaboration
  • Software integrations

Got Questions?

Keep reading to get your answers!

  • Is the app available for both Android and iOS?

    Yes, it is available for both platforms on Google Play store and App Store under the name Plato by SiteRecon.

  • Are the photos stored on my phone or on the cloud?

    The photos are stored on the cloud so your phone storage remains free.

  • How do I share the notes and photos?

    You can share the notes, photos with your teammates or the Property Manager either by inviting them into your workspace or by exporting a pdf of the notes with one click.

  • What would the onboarding process looks like?

    Here's what the process looks like.

    We'll upload your portfolio sites to Plato database so that you can start documenting on the map. You just send us a list of property names. We do the rest.

    We'll then assign the sites to respective Account Managers

    The Customer Success team at SiteRecon will then train the Account Managers so they can make the most of the app.

    We'll meet up with team leader (you probably, lol) to define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for site visits and customer communication.

    Team leaders (you probably, lol again) will start receiving weekly insight reports.

  • Is there a desktop version of the app as well?

    Yes, the app can be accessed on the desktop as by logging onto

    Most SiteRecon users use the desktop app primarily for ordering takeoffs.

  • How soon can I start getting the Insight reports?

    Once your team has been onboarded and starts documenting job site data on the field using the app, you can start expecting weekly insight reports in your inbox.

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